Recorder's Court--Second Municipality.

Our report this morning shows an unusually large number of names, but it embraces the cases of Sunday and Monday...

Jas. Slaven and Mrs. Slaven were charged with fighting. No evidence was furnished to prove that Jemmy had been fighting; but it was very evident that Mrs. Slaven had been in a "bit of a spree," and whether she fought or not, some person or persons had given her a most essential licking. One side of her face was completely black and blue; so much so that it was difficult, at a short distance, to discover whether he eye was out, shut up, or open. Taking her appearance altogether, Mrs. Slaven looked like the very "last rose of summer." We ne'er expected to "look upon her like again!" They were discharged.

. Daily Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana) February 4, 1840.