Parents Beg Film Mad Daughter to Come Back Home

Eager To become moving picture actresses, Anna Slavin and Viola Brownsky, employes of the U.M.C., resigned their positions Tuesday afternoon and slipped away to New York unknown to their relatives to seek positions and probably fame in the moving picture world as star silent performers. The parents of the Slavin girl, who reside at 265 Helen street, are broken hearted over her departure and they have asked the police to assist them in getting her back home.

The young women are only 16 years of age. For the past year they have threatened to leave home and gain fame in moving pictures but their folks have looked upon these statements as idle ones. The Slavin girl has been rehearsing in her home imitating some of the famous screen stars and evidently believes she is well prepared to take part in a big production.

In a letter to The Telegram, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Slavin beg the young woman to return to her home, saying she has a good one and they will gladly forgive her. If she has no money they will gladly send it to her by telegraph and they beg for some word from her.

Bridgeport (Connecticut) Telegram, April 5, 1918.