Chicago, June 16-- John Slavin is in the county jail, charged by Rebecca Fulton with illegitimate parentage. The woman says that a month ago, finding herself soon to become a mother, she set out afoot from her home in Buffalo, N.Y., to find Slavin, who, she learned, was living in this city. She was on the road a whole month, begging her meals and paying for her lodging when she could not get a bed free of charge. She found the house where Slavin lived, and watched it night and day until one morning at 1 o'clock she saw Slavin enter. Constable Bairle searched the house, and several women who lived there barred the doors after the constable had passed inside. Slavin was caught running down the rear stairs and arrested. The girl is Irish and 25 years old, and the fellow Slavin is a German, aged 19. When the young woman came face to face with Slavin she asked: "Johnny, are you not going to marry me?"

"Yes, I am willing to," said Slavin, "but what would we do? I have only $2."

"We can sleep under a bridge if we are honorable," said the girl.

New York (New York) Times, June 17, 1886.

Note: From the 1880 and 1900 censuses both were of Irish heritage. You can find the family on the miscellaneous Illinois census page.