Murder of a Fireman-- Arrest of the Alleged Murderers.

Last evening, shortly before 12 o'clock, an affray occurred in front of the tenement house No. 25 Clarke street, which terminated in the murder of a young man named Richardson Gray, a resident of Christopher street. The facts as gathered from the statements of those who witnessed the affair are as follows:

The murdered man and James Miller have for some time been constant visitors to the house in the rear of No. 25 Clark street, where several young girls reside, who claim to be shop girls, but who are alleged by the police to be prostitutes. The visits of the young men seem to have given offence to several other young men, named Chas. Aldhatten, Bernard Aldhatten and Thomas Slavin, who live on the third floor of the front house, and it is thought, for some unexplained reasons, these three young men and the girls conspired together to induce Gray and Miller to call at the house, and at a given signal the two Aldhattens and Slavin were to rush on them unaware, and give them a beating.

According to agreement made with these girls, Gray and his friend Miller called early in the evening and took the females out for a walk. They returned shortly before 12 o'clock, and when the party reached the house, the girls ran inside the house, and as Gray and Miller were about to follow to learn why they left so suddenly, the two Aldhattens and Slavin rushed out, and commenced to pummel Gray and Miller. Gray, who was a young man of great spirit, fought bravely, and Miller, thinking the odds were against them, ran around to a saloon called the "Committee," in Spring street, kept by John Wildey, foreman of Engine company No. 11, and said to a party assembled there, "For God's sake, come around in Clarke street; a friend of mine is getting licked." The party headed by Wildey rushed from the house, and as they were running toward the scene of the affray, they heard some one cry out, "Come, Charley, this way." They followed the direction of the noise, and, in Dominick street, stumbled over the lifeless body of Gray, who was found bathed in blood, with a large wound in his back. Just then an officer came up with Charles Aldhatten in custody, he having been arrested in Broome street while fleeing from the scene of the murder. Subsequently Bernard Aldhatten and Slavin were arrested. Mrs Garvin, who keeps a grocery store at No. 26 Clarke street, says that during the affray Charles Aldhatten came into the place and seized her cheese knife, and ran out, and shortly came back and laid it on a block and ran away; and when she looked at it, it was covered with blood.

The arrested parties were all locked up in the Eighth Precinct station house to await an investigation. They are said to be hard characters. Gray was about 23 years of age, and for the past seven mouths has been a member of Guardian Engine Co., No. 29. The affair created a great excitement in the Eighth Ward, and the station house was crowded with the friends of the murdered man.-- N.Y. World, 11th.

Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Daily Sentinel, September 14, 1860.