Clifford R. Slaven Is Ready to Join the Army. Was Number 258.
Called to the Colors, 1 - 258 - Slaven, Clifford E., 204 Commercial street.

Shortly after 6 o'clock last evening Clifford R. Slaven, of Lucasville, Ohio, returned to his rooming house at 204 Commercial street, after completing his day's toil; in the factory of the Waterloo Gas Engine company. He bore the sweat and dirt of a hard day's toil, but was happy.

Upon reaching his home Mr. Slaven was informed by a fellow roomer that he had been the first from the city of Waterloo to be drawn for the new army. At first he would not believe his friend's assertion, but later he was convinced.

Slaven took it good naturedly. He smiled and said, "Goodbye Boys, I'm thru," and went to his room to change his clothes. When interviewed by a reporter last evening he stated that he was a single man, about 25 years old and has been a resident of Waterloo the past two years.

When asked if he claimed any exemption, Mr. Slaven stated that although a physical disability might exempt him, it was not his intention to try to escape service, and that he would gladly go if accepted by the board.

Will Make a Good Soldier.

Mr. Slaven is the type of man who will make a good soldier. From appearance he possesses the characteristic traits of a fighter and a pleasing personality. He is anxious to undergo his physical examination at once, as he wishes to go on a vacation before called into the service.

Waterloo Iowa) Times-Tribune, July 21, 1917.