Alas, Poor "Billy" is Dead.

"Billy," the pugilistic sun-fish, kept in an aquarium at the Union station by Frank Slevins, is no more, and his owner insists that it was a clear case of suicide. "Billy" has been in ill-humor for several days, and when a gold fish was put in the tank he made a dive for it. Goldie, however, was too quick for him, and kept out of his way. After an hour's futile efforts to "smash" the gold fish, "Billy," in a moment of pique, flapped himself out of the tank on the cold stones of the train-shed pavement. Mr. Slevins at that moment was engaged in giving a blonde girl from Kokomo a glass of ice-cream soda and eight pounds of taffy for a nickel, and didn't notice his pet's predicament. When he found him, "Billy" was dead.

Indianapolis (Indiana) News, June 10, 1892.