The Body of Slevin Found.

Late yesterday afternoon, at the foot of Sixth street, the body of a man was found in the river, deeply imbedded in the mud. The Coroner was immediately summoned, and from the clothing, watch, etc., found, no doubt was entertained but that the body was that of the unfortunate Edward Slevin. The overcoat was recognized by friends of the deceased as that of Mr. S., as was also the watch procured at Lemon's. The latter article was not injured in the least, save the crystal, that was much blackened.

The body was conveyed to Cave Hill Cemetery. This morning, in order to allay any doubt, the friends of Mr. Slevin will make a minute examination, and ascertain definitely as to the body of the deceased.

Among the citizens present there was no division of opinion concerning the identity of the body, that was discovered by a person named Kunkel, a watchman on the Logan, as we learn from Coroner Green.

It is supposed that Mr. Slevin accidentally fell in the river the night of the heavy storm early the past winter. There were no evidences upon his person of foul play. The last time at which he was seen was 2 o’clock A.M. The hands of the watch indicate having stopped at 2:45 A.M.

--Louisville Courier, 12th.

North American and United States Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), June 16, 1854.