Hendricks County Man Has Tubers Growing on Stems.

The North Salem Herald says:

"Willis Slavens has on exhibition at the hardware store of Hanna & Wendllng, a singular example of freak vegetation in the form of a potato that might afford grounds for considerable speculation. The plant was found last Sunday as Mr. Slavens was looking over his patch and altbough he has been a potato grower for the past forty years he has never seen anything like it.

The plant is perfectly developed in every particular with the exception that the tubers, instead of growing underground as usual, are arranged along the main stem above ground. The plant that was brought in has a half a dozen fairly good sized potatoes on it and a number of smaller ones. They are attached to the main stalk at the point of the leaf nodes and at intervals almost to the top.

Another instance has been noted where the leaf bud developed into a potato before coming out of the ground but this circumstance goes it one better.

According to the theory of the botanist, every part of a plant except root and stem are but modificatlons of the leaf and as wide as it may seem from the original the tuber ot the potato is derived from the same widely differentiated leaf form and the appearance of the potato bulb at the plant nodes is but an exaggeration of conditions that already exist.

What might be produced it advantage were taken of this disposition is not known. All the different varieties now in existence have been developed from slight tendencies at the start. Possibly by selection and cultivation in a few generations growth a plant could easily be produced that would grow the potatoes outside the ground as perfectly as they are grown under ground at present."

Lebanon (Indiana) Patriot, August 12, 1909.