County Tyrone-- Whereas Galbraith Slevin, the younger, in said County, Weaver, stands charged with the Murder of Timothy O'Brien, a Shewman(?); and as immediate Pursuit and Search has been made to apprehend said Slevin, who has fled for the same, and is not to be found, it is probably that he has made off to some Northern Port in this Kingdom to take his Passage from thence to some other Country. Now, I hereby promise a Reward of 10£ Sterl. to any Person or Persons, who shall, within 6 Kalendar (sic) Months from the Date hereof, lodge said Slevin in any of his Majesty's Goals in this Kingdom. Given under my Hand at Achnacloy (Aughnacloy?) the 8th of July, 1766.

N.B. Said Slevin is a straight strong man, 5 Feet 10 Inches high, a smooth fair Complexion, wears blue Frock coat with yellow Buttons, scarlet Waistcoat, and a brown Bob Wig.

Dublin (Ireland) Journal, July 19, 1766.