Girl Becomes Human Torch

Little Harriet Slavin Is Horribly Burned When Her Clothes Catch Fire.

Savannah, Ga., February 16-- (Special.)-- While standing in front of an open grate in the home of her aunt, Mrs. M. Dempsey, at 8:30 o'clock this morning, the clothing of 3-year-old Harriet Slavin caught fire and before assistance reached her she was horribly burned. It is expected her burns will prove fatal.

At the time of the accident the little girl was alone in the house with an aged aunt. Mrs. Dempsey had gone out for a few minutes. When the flames licked out from the grate and ignited her dress the little girl began screaming. In a moment she was a human torch. Her screams finally attracted the attention of the aged aunt, who put out the fire, but not until after the child's clothing had almost been burned from her body.

Atlanta (Georgia) Constitution, February 17, 1914.

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