The families of Eli Christy and Eli Slaven yesterday launched upon an expedition west. They were both well to-do farmers of Vigo County. The former lived in Riley Township, and the latter in Lost Creek. But in some way or another they caught the western fever. They sold their farms, stocks, and household effects, saving only enough of the former to draw their wagons, and of the latter to fill them. The whole possessions of the two families were gathered yesterday afternoon in two wagons, and passed through tghe city. They go to Allen county, Kansas. They had met at Naylor's grocery store, on the corner of Fourth and Ohio, yesterday afternoon, and there had also gathered many of their old friends and neighbors to bid them farewell and give them good wishes for a prosperous journey. It was touching spectacle when the last farewells were spoken, and the spectral procession would its way homeward bound for the great West.

Terre Haute (Indiana) Weekly Gazette, September 14, 1876.