Strange Outcome of a Legendary Story About a Treasure.

Frank Slevin and George Jeffreys, who have been camping out on the Auglaize river, near Defiance, Ohio, returned unexpectedly and displayed six gold coins bearing date ranging from 1784 to 1805, which they had found in an excavation at the foot of a bluff at a place called Jackson. A searching party found two Spanish doubloons at the same spot and the freshly splintered remains of an old oaken chest. A spade, a pickaxe and a steel bar were also discovered nearby. On the face of the bluff near a newly opened hole, and partly covered by moss, was a cross with strange characters beneath it carved in the stone. For years stories have been circulated in Defiance about a buried treasure credited with being gold for the payment of British troops. Two strangers who were here last week were told the story, and as they have disappeared it is believed that they have made a quiet but successful search for the gold.

Door County (Wisconsin) Democrat, September 14, 1895.