Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Slavens.
Crossed the Plains With an Ox Team in 1865.

Kalama, Wash., Jan. 14 (Special) - The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Slavens, of Warren, Or., was celebrated at their home, Tuesday, January 10, 1905. Mr. Slavens is 72 and Mrs. Slavens, 65 years of age. They were married in Shelby County, Illinois, in 1855, and crossed the prairie with an ox team in 1865, reaching Walla Walla the first year, and remained there over winter, coming the next year to Oregon, and, taking up a donation claim, where they have since resided.

Thirteen children, six daughters and seven sons, were born to them, 11 of whom are living. Besides their own children, they adopted five others, for whom they have provided. The names of the surviving children are:

Mrs. M.J. Scott, of Kalama; Mrs. Julia Trainer, of Portland; Mrs. Maggie Cassidy, of Portland; Mrs. E. Osfeld(?), of Portland; Miss Maud Slavens, of Kalama; Miss May Slavens, of Portland; Daniel Slavens, of Portland; John Slavens, of Portland; Marion Slavens, of Hood River, Or.; Amos R. Slavens, Dawson, Alaska. All of tehm, except the last named, were present at the golden wedding. There were also present 14 grandchildren and some great-grandchildren, besides a large number of invited guests. The oldest person present was Mrs. Perry, who came across the plains with the first successful emigrant train.

Sunday Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), January 15, 1905.