Golden Wedding At Mount Barker.

Mr. and Mrs. James Slaven celebrated their golden wedding at Mount Barker on Saturday evening, March 16, at the Dunn Memorial Lecture Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Slaven were married by the Rev. G. J. Jennings in "Pioneer Cottage," Albert road, Mount Barker, that being the only house in the locality at the time Mr Slaven was the eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Slaven, of Wistow and Mrs. Slaven was the eldest daughter of the late Thomas Bunnett and the late Mrs. Inglis, of Wistow. The best man at the wedding was Mr. Geo. Craig, who was also present at Saturday night's celebration. The hall was decorated by the aged couple's children, a golden bell decorated with African marigolds being suspended amidst a network of golden streamers, relieved with sprays and festoons of asparagus fern. The tables, loaded with home-made food, were decorated with vases of dahlias African marigolds, asters, sunflowers, and asparagus fern, the vases being placed on golden mats. In front of the bridal couple was a birthday cake, made and presented by a daughter, Mrs. L. Bruce. The guests were received by Mrs. H. Potts and Mrs. L. Bruce, the former wearing a frock of navy marocain relieved with fawn, and the latter a green marocain dress. As the couple entered the building to the strains of Mendelssohn's "Wedding March," they were showered with confetti, after which little Yvonne Bruce (grandaughter) handed Mrs. Slaven a bouquet, and Mr. Slaven a button-hole. Mr. Usher. the minister in charge of the Presbyterian Church at Mount Barker, was the chairman. The toast of the "Bride and bridegroom" was proposed by Mr. Edward Slaven brother of the bridegroom. He said Mr. Slaven would be 73 next birthday, and Mrs. Slaven 70. All the children, with one exception-- one son was away in Western Australia-- were present. The bridegroom replied. Community singing was led by Mr. A. Ilee (with Mrs. T. E. Bentley at the piano). Musical and elocutionary numbers were given by Mrs. L Bruce. Miss A. Smith, Mrs. T. E. Bentley. Miss R. Bunnett, Miss Y. Bruce, Mr. A. Ilee. Mr. J. Slaven. Mr. Les Smith. Messrs. B. Jackson, L. Bruce. T. Bentley, and L. Smith presented a humorous torn. "Here Comes the Bride." Miss Murphy performed two solo dances. Mr. A. Slaven proposed a vote of thanks to the performers, and supper was served.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia), March 19, 1935.