County Meath.

On Friday last, the 13th instant, between the hours of two and five o'clock in the afternoon, a band of armed insurgents scoured that part of this county west of the river Barrow, in search of fire-arms, and we regret to find, were successful in their daring and illegal proceedings. It is supposed that the full extent of the mischief perpetrated by these ruffians has not yet been ascertained, owing to the culpable reluctance of the persons, whose dwellings were visited and plundered, to give information to the proper authorities. The following, however, may be relied on: About three o'clock in the afternoon, seven men, undisguised, all armed with pistols. blunderbusses, etc. walked into the yard of Andrew Slevin, at Milford, and demanded his arms and ammunition, when his son gave them a double-barreled gun, with which they departed... --Carlow Standard

Manchester (England) Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, April 28, 1832.