Hung Himself from a Wagon.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
Crawfordsville, May 27. Another suicide is to be added to the list from Montgomery county, it being the third within the past month, and the seventh since the first of the year. This morning Isaiah Slavens, who lives a mile east of Linden, hitched up his team and drove to the Oakland school-house, two miles distant. When he reached that place he drove into the yard and unhitched the team under an oak tree. He tied the horses to the fence, and then took a rope from the wagon, upon which he was standing, threw it over a limb of the tree, adjusted it about his neck and jumped from the wagon. He was discovered by C.M. Fraley, who was passing. The county coroner went up this afternoon to hold an inquest. The deceased had been married twice, and for the past month had been acting strangely, but no cause is known for his suicide. He leaves a widow and three children.

Indianapolis (Indiana) Journal, May 28, 1889.