Two Men Killed, Third Wounded, in Fight Over Hog

Knoxville, Tenn., December 7-- ...Clutcher West, were killed and Eb Slavin, another uncle of Clutcher West, was seriously wounded in a fight at Winfield, Tenn., recently, according to information reaching federal prohibition agents here today.

According to eyewitnesses of the fight, which took place at the Southern Railway depot at Winfield, a little town just below the Kentucky state line, the men had been drinking and got into a fight as the result of a grudge existing between Jackson and Clutcher West because of a lawsuit over the ownership of a hog.

Clutcher West shot and instantly killed his uncle, Jackson West, and then turned his pistol on Eb Slavin, who was shot through his left ear, the bullet piercing the mastoid bone. Slavin got up and turned his own pistol on Clutcher West, according to those who witnessed the shooting, and instantly killed him.

Slavin voluntarily gave himself up to state authorities at Huntsville, the county seat of Scott County, and has been indicted by the grand jury for trial at the February term of criminal court.

(Note: the first sentence doesn't make a lot of sense; it appears that a correction for a typo in the second line of the story was corrected, but the compositor pulled the first line instead. I've left out the duplicated line.)

Atlanta (Georgia) Constitution, December 8, 1920.

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