Queer Suit Against a Man Who Spoiled a Honeymoon.

New York , April 2-- Wine Merchant J.J. Josphs, of this city, has brought suit for $25,000 damages against Saloon-Keeper Slevin. Joseph claims that Slevin, by assaulting him, delayed his wedding and spoiled his honeymoon. Josephs was to have been married at 5 p.m., March 12. He says the night before the wedding Slevin struck him on the point of the jaw, dazing him so that he did not fully recover his senses until 8 o'clock the following evening. The wedding was delayed four hours, and Josephs was ill throughout the honeymoon. The plaintiff says he will give his oourt winnings to charity. Slevin is a brothcr-in-law of ex-Chief Byrnee, and once had "Biff" Ellison arrested for assault.

Aspen (Colorado) Daily Times, April 3, 1896.

Note: the original article had mutliple spellings of "Josephs," preserved here.