The O'Donovan Rossa, the modern emancipator, has been arrested in New York for indulging in fisticuffs with the landlord of a hotel. The New York Times gives the particulars of the fracas as follows:

On Tuesday afternoon Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, late lessee of the Northern Hotel, corner of Cortland and West street, who has recently been deprived of his lease by legal proceedings, went to the hotel to get some of his furniture, which he intended to remove to his new hotel at 128 Chatham square. Mr Joseph Sleven, of No. 10 Jay street, who was in possession as agent of the owner, refused to admit Mr. Rossa, and, when he persisted in an endeavor to enter, pushed him with some violence. A scuffle then ensued, and both men received blows on the head and face. A police officer interfered, and each of the men wanted the other arrested, but, as neither would make a clear charge the officer was in a dilema. Finally Sleven, who alleged that he was struck first, made a complaint of assault and battery against Rossa, who was arrested and arraigned before Justice Otterborg at the Tombs Police Court yesterday, ex-assistant District Attorney Algernon S. Sullivan appearing as his counsel. Slevin's face was badly bruised, and both temples were covered with plaster. Rossa had an abrasion under his right eye and a scalp wound on the back of the head. Justice Otterborg required Mr. Rossa to give $500 bail to keep the peace for six months, or to be imprisoned for ten days. Rossa gave the bail, Mr. Sullivan becoming his surety.

Winnipeg (Manitoba) Daily Free Press, June 9, 1875.

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