The Warwick Argus of the 29th, says - "Another of those fatal accidents which have been so frequent in this neighborhood occurred last Sunday morning, and which resulted in the death of a young man named Thomas Slavin. The unfortunate deceased, in company with a man named Henry Abbott, went up the river for the purpose of shooting ducks, and when near to Canning Downs, deceased fired and killed one, which fell in tho water. Deceased, in spite of the remonstrations of his companion, persisted in going into the water to fetch it out.

Having reached the spot, he caught hold of the bird, and almost at the same moment disappeared under the water , he rose again to the surface, but was again dragged under by the weeds. Assistance was speedily obtained, and the boat was brought down from Canning Downs, but it was not until about 6 o'clock on Monday morning that the body was recovered. So tightly was the body held down by the weeds, that they had to be fairly cut away before it would rise to the surface. An enquiry was held on Monday, before the Police Magistrate, at which the above particulars were elicited."

Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) Courier, May 1, 1868.