Miss Alice Slaven Heir to Valuable Estate.

DENVER, Sept. 27. After having earned a precarious living in the rooming house business and by dressmaking for years, Miss Alice L. Slaven, No. 1141 Broadway, has received news from Ireland that she is one of the legatees of a large estate left by the death of an uncle.

Miss Slaven was born in County Armagh, Ireland, in which the estate left by her uncle is situated. The larger part of the property is in Tyrone, along the banks of the Callon river, and was formerly used for the Irish linen bleach greens.

While Miss Slaven does not know the exact amount which she will inherit from the sale of the estate, it is estimated that her share will be about $10,000.

Miss Slaven has lived in Denver for fifteen years.

Syracuse (New York) Post-Standard, September 28, 1912.