John Slaven Fined for Interfering With an Officer.

Magistrate MacGonigle had a number of offenders before him this morning. They were all arrested last night by Lieut. Edward McPolland on a charge of disorderly conduct with the exception of John Slaven, who interfered with the lieutenant when he was making the other arrests.

The prisoner and John Jackson, Thomas Dunn, Edward Clark, Kate Lamberson, and Pruden were engaged in a noisy discussion on Frankstown avenue a short time after midnight. They then began to act disorderly and when the lieutenant went to arrest the crowd Slaven took a hand in the proceedings. He was also arrested after considerable difficulty. The prisoners were all taken to the Frankstown avenue police station and this morning the magistrate committed the women 60 days to the workhouse. Clark and Dunn were sent 10 days to jail. Slaven was fined $5 and costs at first, and when asked if he was not one of those arrested in James Costanzo's place on Sunday he said he was not. Magistrate MacGonigle knew better and he raised the fine to $10, which was paid.

Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Press, June 6, 1898.