Cole Coffey of Stearns Then Turns Pistol on Self.

(Special to the Herald) Somerset, Ky., May 10-- The town of Stearns, near Somerset, was thrown in turmoil this afternoon when Cole Coffey, a miner, shot to death Deputy Sheriff Oliver Slavens, who was attempting to arrest him and a companion named West and afterwards killed himself by shooting through the head with the same revolver with which he had killed the deputy sheriff. Coffey had been accused of having some whisky and when Slavens went to the place where he and West were stopping, Coffey opened fire on Slavens, shooting at him three times, three of the shots taking effect, from which Slavens died a few hours later. When the sheriff went to the home of Coffey to arest him for the crime Coffey placed a revolver to his head and blew his brains out.

Lexington (Kentucky) Herald, May 11, 1920.