Slaven and Hughes of Castle Rock, Buried by a Landslide.

Kelso, Dec. 10.-- Monday night about 8 o'clock while a crew of eight men were clearing the Northern Pacific track of a landslide at a point seven miles north of here Charles Slaven and Andrew Hughes were carried into the Cowlitz river by a slide that occurred while they were working. Warning was given that dirt from the bluff was coming but they could not get out of the way.

Slaven sank shortly after striking the water. The body has not been recovered.

Hughes went down but came up and fortunately a shingle bolt floated near him and he grabbed it and was carried down the river two miles, being rescued by a farmer named Nelson, who, hearing his cries, went to him in boat. When brought ashore Hughes could not walk and was almost chilled to death. Both men belong at Castle Rock. Slaven was a member of the A.O.U.W. He leaves a widow but no children.

Washington Daily Olympian (Olympia, Washington) December 10, 1896.