Large Fire in South Norwalk.

Sunday morning fire borke out in Hopkins's livery stable at South Norwalk, and communicated to the Old Well hotel. Both were completely destroyed. Sixteen horses were burned to death. A high wind was blowing, and Ely's block and Peck's drub store were barely saved by the timely arrival of the Norwalk fire companies. The total loss is $50,000. Mr. Ely owned the buildings and estimates his loss at $30,000, on which there is insurance of $15,000 or more. D. Dayton's stock of goods in Ely's block was considerably damaged. The insurance was ample, in Hartford companies. F.F. Stodman, of the Old Well hotel, loses $10,000 to $15,000; insured for $8,000.

A man named Slaven has been arrested as the incendiary. He was seen on the premises the night before and was the first one to awaken the watchman and give the alarm. Several pieces of harness were found in Slaven's possession.

Hartford (Connecticut) Daily Courant, February 3, 1874.