Stanton's External Remedy, CALLED HUNT'S LINIMENT, IS now universally acknowledged to be the INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Rheumatism, spinal affections, contractions of the muscles, sore throat and quinsy, issues, old ulcers, pains in the back and chest, ague in the breast and face, tooth ache, sprains, bruises, salt rheum, burns, croup, frosted feet, and all nervous diseases. The triumphant success which has attended the application of this most wonderful medicine in curing the most severe cases of the different diseases above named, and the high praise that has been bestowed upon it, wherever it has been introduced, gives me the right to call on the afflicted to resort at once to the only remedy that can be relied on.

Fever Sores.-- The following letter has just been received from the hands of Dr. Benjamin D. Miller, of the cure of an old Indolent Ulcer, or Fever Sore. This person has been under the hands of several Physicians, and used every remedy, yet found no relief, till he was induced to try Hunt's Liniment, which effected a perfect cure.

Pinesbridge, June 12, 1845
Geo. B. Stanton. Esq.
Dear Sir
For six years I have suffered with what is commonly called a Fever Sore on my leg. I can scarcely describe to you all I endured for this long period, by this dreadful complaint, only about half that time have I been able to work. I have had it examined by several Physicians and tried many of the remedies of the day for this kind of disease, but none of them afforded me any relief. I sent for Dr. Miller, and he recommended me to use Hunt's Liniment. I did so, and after using five bottles I am entirely well of a hideous sore that I supposed would hang on for life. I feel like a new man, and heartily recommend this Liniment to all suffering persons, that they may be relieved at once.

Most respectfully yours,
Owen O'Slavin.

P.S. I cheerfully bear testimony to the truth of the above statement.

Star And Republican Banner (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), March 26, 1847.