TETANUS, or Lock Jaw-- William Slevin, a man in the employment of James Fitzpatrick, Esq., while taking down a loft in an old house on the lands of Drummin, on the 22d September last, lost his balance, and in falling came in contact with the end of a crow bar, by which he received a punctured wound on the upper and inner part of the thighs; the usual treatment was adopted, and to the case improved. On Saturday morning he complained of tightness of the jaws, and on that evening tetanus, in all its dreadful forms, was fully established. Everything that medical treatment could suggest was put into execution without success; the poor sufferer expired on Monday evening, the 3d instant. --Nenagh Guardian.

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), October 10, 1842.

Note: it is unknown if the "lands of Drummin" refers to an area landover or the Drummin in County Mayo.