Major Slavens Acquitted.

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Oct. 30-- The Deprtment of the Missouri orders, covbering the court-martial trials of Major Thomas H. Slavens, commandant of the military prsion, and Major John S. Stone, chief surgeon, were received here tonight. Major Slavens, who was on trial for the allegation that he assualted Major Stone, was acquitted. Major Stone was found guilty of refusing to obey orders and was sentenced to a reduction of ten files in lineal rank, to be confined within the limits of the post sex months and to forfeit $50 of his pay each month of this period. The department commander set aside part of the sentence reducing Major Stone in files and approved the other parts of the sentence.

Major Slavens was an officer in the Thirs Missouri regiment in the Spanish-American War. His trouble with Major Stone arose out of the refusal of Major Stone to obey an order regarding sanitary work at the prison. Major Stone said that Major Slavens used inproper language to him and pushed himn from his office.

Kansas City (Missouri) Star, October 31, 1908.