Society Man Held Up Insolent Traveler Till Police Were Summoned.

Special to The Inquirer.
OGONTZ, Dec. 9-- An offensive umbrella-mender was held up at the point of a revolver by Samuel Lippincott, Philadelphia society man, on his estate near Wyncote yesterday, until Mr Lippincott’s coachman, after phoning for the police, came to the aid of his master.

The vagrant, who afterward gave the name of William Slavin, went to the Lippincott home. He was told there was no repairing in his line to be done, but became offensivie and refused to leave the porch. Mr. Lippncott was summoned, and, after procuring a gun, told the mender not to move. In the meantime the servant was telephoning for police aid.

Slavin pleaded a long and honorable naval record as an excuse for leniency. Mr. Lippincott was not disposed to prosecute, and on Slavin's promise to leave the township he was released.

Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Inquirer, December 10, 1906.