We copy from the last Gazette, the following interesting letters from our volunteers:

Dover, Pope Co., Dec. 17, 1846.

Sir--Having just returned from San Antonio, where I have been on business-- I consider it incumbent on me to make known to your readers and especially to the friends of those who volunteered for the Mexican war from this State-- such information as I have been able to obtain respecting them.

It is with painful feelings, that I announce to you, and their relations, the untimely end of so many noble spirits. I say "untimely" for they were brave fellows who went to fight the battles of their country, but were cut down by sickness and disease, ere they had an opportunity of gratifying their patriotism, or evincing their love for their country-- "The home of the Free and land of the brave." I left San Antonio on the 22d of Nov. The names of the Arkansas volunteers who died there, so for as I could learn, are as follows: of Capt. Moffit's Company-- Capt. Moffit, M. Harkey, L. Reed, Jas. Empson, M. Rye, C. Dow, and A. Ross. Capt. Hunter's Company-- Lieut. Stewart Nales, Houston, and Hogan. Capt. Preston's Company-- Slaven. Capt. Patrick's Comp'y-- P. Hodges, J. Lesbett, A. Brawley, Tho's Tatem, and L. Russell. Capt. Danley's Comp'y-- Lucas, -- volunteer. Capt. Pike's Comp'y-- Jo's. Eagle. Capt. Porter's Comp'y, Hardin. These are the deaths that I could obtain information of. There were others whose names (mainly through the indisposition of the Commander of the Post, Capt. Howe) I could get no true account.-- There were many left behind sick both in camp and in the Hospital, among whom are S. Brown and -- Moffit, of camp A; J. Ward, of camp C; Newman, of camp E. The troops left behind are an Illinois volunteer company, and a part of Capt. McCulloch's Rangers. Dr. Roane left San Antonio for the Presidio a few days before I left. Judge Clendenin had not arrived, and I suppose he took another route. --Jno. R.H. Scott.

Arkansas State Democrat (Little Rock, Arkansas), January 1, 1847.