Accident in a Cotton Mill.

On Friday last, an inquest was held at the Royal Infirmary, before Mr. Rutter, for Mr. Herford, the borough coroner, on the body of a boy names Michael Slaven, 10 years of age. The deceased had been employed for about two or three months as a bobbin carrier, in the mill of Mr. Carr, cotton spinner, Newton; and as such he had to ascend from the carding to the spinning rooms in a hoist, the machinery of which he worked himself. About five weeks ago, he had ascended to nearly the top of the building, when, in reaching to take hold of the rope, his foot slipped, and he fell out of the hoise to the bottom of the building. He was much injured, and was immediately conveyed to the infirmary, where he died on Thursday last. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."

Lancaster (Lancashire, England) Gazette, June 7, 1851.