Ministry of E.L. Slavens.

Many reports have come to us of the meetings of Evangelist E.L Slavens whom God has given a wonderful ministry of healing. We understand that our brother has had marked success in praying for the deaf and dumb. We were especially impressed with our brother's frank appraisal of his own meetings and the results obtained.

While not all are healed, Brother Slavens believes as a conservative estimate that at least one half of those prayed for in his meetings are healed. When one considers the fact that most of those who are prayed for in the great healing campaigns are those with chronic afflictions or suffer from some vital organic disease, we consider the above testimony remarkable indeed.

In a recent letter from Brother Slavens he writes: "We are in a good meeting here in Hammond, Indiana. The crowds are very good. They say the best ever. About fifteen ministers were with us tonight. A preacher's wife was delivered from stammering this evening." Evangelist Slavens' next meetings are as follows:

October: Toronto, Ontario. Evangel Temple. For information write Rev. W.C. McPherson, Evangel Temple, Bond and Dundas Streets, Toronto, Ontario.

November: Rochester, New York. For information write Rev. R.E. LeMons, 45 Jones Street, Rochester, New York.

The Voice of Healing (Shreveport, Louisiana), October 1948.