Body of Slevin Found in Cellar of Saloon.
He Was Son of James J. Slevin and Was Brought Up in Charlestown.

NEW YORK, March 29 -- Arthur Slevin, a lunch server in the saloon of Costello & Boles, at 631 6th av., was found murdered in the basement of the place today. He had been struck on the head with a hatchet and then his belt had been fastened tightly about his neck.

Slevin had used an old couch in the basement for a bed. That was his only home. The police believe his slayer was a foreigner named "Tony," who feared that Slevin was trying to get his job as porter. "Tony," who has disappeared, was the only person who knew where the hatchet was kept.

The victim, aged 25, was the son of a prosperous barber in Boston. It is said he was educated at St. Francis College in Montreal. He had been a salesman, he said, when he first appeared at the saloon, but was out of work and in bad shape from drinking. So he was allowed to work for his food and bed. Lately he had been taking some of "Tony's" duties.

Several postcards from "Helen" were found in his pockets, but it was not believed she had anything to do with the slaying. Slevin came from Boston six months ago.

Arthur J. Slevin Was Brought Up in Charlestown and Had Worked Here and in New York.

Arthur J. Slevin, the New York murder victim, was the son of James J. Slevin, a barber employed by Hugh Harlow at 60 State. Young Slevin was about 25 and was born in Denver where his mother, who was a Miss Williams of Charlestown, died while he was still very young.

With his father, Arthur Slevin returned to Boston, and lived with his mother's family in Charlestown, where he attended the public schools. He afterward attended St. Francis College in Montreal, but did not graduate.

Upon his return he was employed in various capacities about Boston and New York. Last Fall he was employed in the carpet department of a local store, and he also worked in a restaurant in Newspaper row.

Boston (Massachusetts) Daily Globe, March 30, 1914.

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