Among the persons brought to the Court of General Sessions yesterday was Joseph Slavin, a laborer, of No. 303 West Thirty-third street, charged with stealing a pocket handkerchief and $1 piece from the person of Michael Coleman, of No. 341 West Forty-first street, while the latter lay asleep on a stoop in Eighth avenue. As is the custom with prisoners, Slavin entreated one of the subordinate officers of the court to intercede with the District attorney, so that a minor plea might be accepted, stating that he was guilty provided his punishment did not exceed two years imprisonment. Shortly afterward the Grand Jury entered court and presented, among others, a dismissal in the case of Slavin, there being doubt in their minds on the testimony. When Slavin subsequently was called up, it was not, as he expected, to plead, but to be discharged. His surprise and delight on hearing from Judge Gildersleeve the words, "You can go," can be better imagined than described. He was fairly wild with delight on his narrow escape from State Prison.

New York (New York) Times, August 8, 1878.