Frank Slevin Takes an Extravagant Dose of Insect Poison


So Chief of Police Frank McCudden and Three Others Removed Young Man to the Borough Lockup - Quarreled With His Sister Over Money

Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE: Dec. 15.-- When Frank Slevin swallowed a big mouthful of insect powder used at one of the hotels in town he probably thought he was finishing himself up. But he was disappointed as the powder must have lost its potency yesterday. Anyway Chief of Police Frank McCudden with the help of three other men and one of them at each leg or arm of the youth removed him to the lockup where he was allowed to sleep off the combined effects of bad booze and insect powder.

Slevin, the police say, went into a hotel where a sister of his is working and demanded some money, which the sister either did not have or refused to give. When he failed to get the money the story is that Slevin swallowed a heavy dose of the insect powder with suicidal intent.

When he reached the lockup Slevin had money and wanted to put up a forfeit to appear later. This was refused. The young man has a good job it is said, but allows booze to get the upper hand too often. He is under indictment now to appear in the Fayette county courts on the charge of smashing the big plate glass window of an Everson hotel with rocks several weeks ago.

Connellsville (Pennsylvania) Daily Courier, December 15, 1910.

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