A Well-Known Character.

An old man, named Peter Slaven, was charged by Sub-Constable John Spence with being drunk.
The offense having been proved, Mr. Orme asked when Peter had been there before.
Mr. Coulter said that he was there last month upon a similar charge.
Mr. Orme-- He is an old hand at the trade.
The prisoner-- If you give me a chance this time I won't come back here for the next two years.
Mr. Orme-- I couldn't give a man like you a chance, who has constantly been here for the last three months. You must go to jail for one month.
The prisoner-- Will your worship not put a fine on me?
Mr. Orme-- No, I won't; fining you is no use. It is the best thing to send you to jail without a fine. When you get loose again you will be into the first beer shop you meet.
The prisoner was then taken away.

Belfast (Ireland) News-Letter, July 10, 1874.