A dispatch published in the morning papers relative to a body being found in a cask at Madison led many to suppose that it was the body of Mr. E. Slevin. We learn that a description of the body has been received and it bore no resemblance to that of Mr. S.

Since the above we have obtained the following particulars from a gentleman in Madison: The cask in which the body was placed was brought down the river on the Alvin Adams. It was marked in four places "Alfred Kelly, Ladoga, Ind." The wharfboatman's suspicion was excited by the strange movement of the contents of the cask in rolling it. He summoned several friends and opened it. There were about eight gallons of alcohol in it which kept the body in a perfect state of preservation. The body was about six feet high and a heavy black beard all around the face. On the right side of the neck one of main arteries was severed by a sharp instrument, and over the left eye there was a wound evidently inflicted by a heavy blow. A man by the name of Alfred Kelly was known to reside in Ladoga, and dispatches have been sent to him to get some clue to the matter.

Louisville (Kentucky) Daily Journal, March 3, 1854.