We make the following extract from a letter addressed to the Rev. W. McCARTAN, R.C., Paster of Dromaragh, County of Down, to the Rev. MORTIMER O'SULLIVAN, inserted in the Northern Herald: The English people may desire, and naturally do, the conversion of the Irish Catholics to Protestantism. But I shall stop to inquire-- do the sober, rational, and liberal-minded British people wish it, however desirable, to be accomplished by such a horrid process as I have described? If they do not, they must set their faces against you and the Orange Association. Or do the English people wish to preserve their religion from the disgrace of persecution? If they do, they must disclaim all participation with the Orangemen in this horrible persecution of the Irish Catholics. But lest you might reply that this persecution never took place, I beg to submit for your perusal the following facts: ORANGE MURDERS Name and Parish of the Victims: ...Patrick Slevin, Maralen...

True Sun (London, England), January 9, 1836.