On Saturday night a man named Patrick Slaven, shoemaker, 11 Stevenlaw's Close, Edinburgh, was apprehended on a charge of committing a brutal assault on his sister-- a young married woman, whose husband's name is Rafferty. It appears that, early in the evening, Mrs. Rafferty went to her brother's house, and that a quarrel ensued, in the course of which she said she would give him "his New Year." Slaven, who is said to have been under the influence of drink, thereupon attacked his sister in a brutal way, kicking her, it is said, down stairs. One or more of these kicks took effect upon the abdomen, and the poor woman was so seriously hurt as barely to be able to crawl home. Information having been given to the police, Slaven was apprehended, and Mrs. Rafferty conveyed to the Royal Infirmary, where she now lies in a somewhat critical state.

Aberdeen (Scotland) Weekly Journal November 15, 1881.