Examination of James Goodwin, at Dublin, on the 6th, 8th, and 9th of February 1838.

...In some Time after this Witness was called upon by William Slevin to level a House belonging to a Man called Arthur Harvey, of Tullycleuagh, Parish of Dromore. Witness went with Slevin and John Rae by Night and pulled down the Gable, and Slevin broke a Dresser inside; the House was only building. William Slevin is now in Ireland. Rae is in America. The Reason for this Outrage was because Harvey employed a Flax-dresser named Hurst, an Orangeman, who is now dead. On the same Night Slevin broke a Window belonging to Lanty Tague of Tullycleuagh.

The Sessional Papers Printed by Order of The House of Lords or Presented by Royal Command, in the Session 1839. Vol. XXI..