Donegal-- On the night of May 9th, a remarkable arrest was made in Letterkenny of a man named Patrick Slevin, who, it is alleged, has been wanted by the police for over ten years, on a charge of parricide. Ten years ago, last April, Slevin's father, who resided at Milltown, near Letterkenny, died from injuries said to have been inflicted by his son while under the influence of drink. A warrant was issued for the son's arrest, but the police did not succeed in executing it till now. He was arrested in Letterkenny for drunkenness, and lodged in the bridewell; upon which the police authorities were informed of his identity. He was then formally charged with the crime, and was remanded to Derry Jail for a week. It seems that he had never left the country, but, latterly, believing that all the police who knew him had left the locality, he grew bold and revealed his identity.

Irish World (New York, New York), June 6, 1891.