Thomas Evelin stood charged with willful and corrupt perjury. The facts of the case were these-- Evelin was schoolmaster to the St. Patrick Orphan Society, of which his wife was also schoolmistress; about two years ago, he passed a receipt to Mr. Slevin, of French street, for the amount of their salary, but in some time after he sued Mr. Slevin for wages, stated to be due to his wife, and which Mr. Slevin did not acknowledge. He brought Mr. Slevin before the Mayor, and when the receipt was produced he said it was all a fabrication, and that it was not his handwriting. He was discharged upon a point of law. Before he left the bar, he was admonished by the Recorder to be cautious of his conduct in the future.

Freemans Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), April 19, 1831.