Mr. Slavin's Mysterious Persecutors.

PROVIDENCE, July 28.-- The barn of Mr. Frank Slavin in South Providence was burned late Saturday night, together with all its contents, including two horses. Mr. Slavin's loss is about $800. The fire was evidently of incendiary origin, and today the police officers called upon Mr. Slavin and asked him if he could give them any possible clue to the perpetrators. Mr. Slavin replied that he knew positively who'd set the fire, but added, "don't ask me any more questions. I don't dare tell what I know."

He stated that four years ago about $4000 worth his horses were poisoned with paris green. Three years ago he lost several horses by fire, and has met with remarkable ill-luck.

One of the burned animals was a mare, valued at $400, and according to Mr. Slavin's statement, will be hard to replace for that amount. "It is a most outrageous and persistent persecution," Mr. Slavin said, as he turned to leave the officers. "I hope I shall be in a position to tell you more at another time." Mr. Slavin is a contractor doing a good business in this city.

Boston (Massachusetts) Daily Globe, July 29, 1884.

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