By Telegraph. From Our Own Correspondent. BATHURST, Wednesday.

A deliberate attempt at murder was made at Piper's Flat, near Wallerawang, on Monday. Thomas Creswick, a farmer, who was admitted to the Bathurst Hospital last night, states that on Monday Thomas Slaven, a neighbouring farmer, came to Creswick's hut and asked for the loan of a plough. Creswick said he could have it. Slaven, who carried a loaded double-barrelled pisitol, fired at Creswick, the slugs grazing his head. The wounded man closed with Slaven (who is an aged man) and threw him, when his assailant fired a second barrel, the contents of which entered Creswick's right shoulder partially shattering the clavicle, and lodging under the shoulder-blade. Both were on the ground at this time, Slaven begged to be released, and Creswick allowed him to rise, rise, when he attacked Creswick with a dagger, which Creswick seized. Creswick then proceeded to Wallerawang, where the hemorrhage was stopped. Dr. Cortis attended the sufferer, and extracted several slugs from his shoulder.

Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) Morning Herald, August 15, 1878.