No Evidence of Plot to Poison.
Autopsy on Springflield Victim Did Not Make It Clear.
Another Wedding Guest Collpses on Street.

Nov 22-- Today's developments in the poisoning of guests at the wedding Tuesday night of Miss Anna Florence Slavin and Samuel B. Brooslin lead police inspector William J. Quilty to believe that there is nothing to incriminate anybody.

An autopsy was performed this afternoon upon the body of Max Odens, who died. There were present Medical Examiner E.A. Bates, Associate Medical Examiner Herbert C. Emerson and Drs. C.C. Henin and M. L. Slutskin.

Dr. Bates announced that the autopsy revealed an acute inflammation of the stomach and small intestines, and said that Dr. Emerson would make an analysis of the contents of the stomach, which will probably take a week.

No ulceration of the lining of the stomach was found. The physicians said that this would have been extended if any form of metallic poisoning had been the cause of Mr. Odens death, ulceration being caused by perforations of the lining of the stomach by metallic poisoning.

George Dubbrin Of 142 1/2 Ferry st., who with his wife and two children were poisoned, collapsed in Main st. at 5 this afternoon and was taken home in a hack.

It was rumored during the day that Herman Kessler of Holyoke had died, but he was found to be recovering. Both he and Mrs. Kessler were affected.

Additional victims discovered today were Mr. and Mrs. Kessler, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Feinstein, Louis Gordon and Miss Fannie and Miss Gussie Green, all of Holyoke; Mrs. Louis F. Bettigole, Miss Florence Clelman and Robert Weiner, all of Chicopee; A.P. Aronson, Jacob Klinowski, Mrs. Marion Quinto and children Harry and Marion, Miss Sarah Cohen, Mrs. J. Friedman, H.J. Gould, John McMahon, Mrs. Harry Hallenstein, Mrs. M. J. Kinsler and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Gans and William Gunn, all of this city; H. Kessler of Holyoke, and Miss Rosa Gordon of Hartford, Conn.

Boston (Massachusetts) Daily Globe, November 23, 1906.

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