Private James Slaven.

In the notice that appeared in these columns this morning it should have been stated that Private James Slaven, who had received a permit to enter the Home for Confederate Veterans at Austin, was from Louisiana, and not Mississippi. It was a brother who went into the Confederate army from Mississippi. Private James Slaven volunteered for the defense of his State before Louisiana seceded. He belonged to one of two companies formed in New Orleans before the State went out, that went down the Mississippi River to occupy Fort Jackson and Fort St. Philip, on opposite sides of the river. It was three months later, when the State had seceded, that he volunteered in Company B, the Blenville Guards, that he went to Virginia in the Fifth Louisiana Regiment, Col. T. G. Hunt commanding, Simm's Brigade, McClarise's Division. He was in the retreat on the peninsula under Gen. Magruder, fought in the battle of Williamsburg and Seven Pines, and from that time forward was in the Army of Virginia, out of which he came with a good record. He may not be able to get off to Austin for several days on account of having to close up some matters here in which other parties are interested.

In justice to Mr. Slaven this correction is made.

Galveston (Texas) Daily News, February 10, 1905.

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