Probable Homicide.

A Row in an Oyster Saloon, and a Man Dangerously Wounded--
Ante-mortem Examination by Coroner Naumann.

During Sunday afternoon Coroner Naumann held an ante-mortem examination at No. 83 King-street, in the case of Alexander Culrass, who was very seriously wounded in the breast by a man named "Bandy" Slavin. The following statement was made by the injured man:

I left my residence at 12 o'clock on last Friday night 23rd inst. and went to a public house corner of Hudson and King streets; I met a company of friends there, among them were Henry Chambers, Walter Coleman and Patrick Brooks; we had two drinks at that place, and from there we went to an oyster-saloon in Spring-street, near Hudson: on our way to Spring-street, we met a man whose name is "Bandy" Slavin, and he invited our party to have a drink in the oyster saloon: we had a drink, and Slavin paid for it; I then went out on the sidewalk, and had stood for about five minutes, when I heard a noise and a scuffle in the saloon; I opened the door of the saloon to see what was going on; I had scarcely entered the door when Slavin made the remark, "Let them fight, and at the same time he stabbed me in the left breast with an oyster knife which he held in his right hand; I staggered out on the street, saying that I was cut, and soon after fell on the sidewalk; Chambers and Coleman took me to my residence, where I have been under treatment of a physician ever since; I have never had a quarrel with Slavin or any of the party before; this all happened about 1:30 o'clock Saturday morning; at the time I was stabbed there were in the oyster saloon Walter Coleman, Henry Chambers, Pat. Brooks, the barkeeper, Slavin and myself.

On the case being given to the jury, they rendered the following verdict: "That Alexander Culrass came to his injuries by a stab wound in the left breast at the hands of "Bandy" Slavin, on the 24th day of Nov., 1866."

Culrass is a native of Ireland and 25 years of age. His assailant escaped and has not yet been arrested.

New York (New York) Times, November 27, 1866.