The Slavin Brothers and a Friend Knocked Out With a Club.

Billy Slavin, pugilist, his brother John, trainer, and Shirley Stanley, a salesman for a wholesale liquor-house, were all three neatly knocked out with a club at 1:30 o'clock this morning.

The fuss occurred in the bar-room of the Bella Union Theater and grew out of a dispute over the payment for around of drinks. Dick Foster, manager of the place, wielded the club and did so artistically. Billy Slavin received two scalp wounds, his brother Jack got one on the back of the head, while Stanley received a bad cut over the eye. One arm was also bruised by a blow from the club. Their wounds were dressed at the Receiving Hospital. The Slavins are brothers of the celebrated Frank Slavin, pugilist.

The Morning Call (San Francisco, California), September 3, 1891.