The police have now in custody four men, all of whom are charged with complicity in the death of the girl Cunningham. Two of these men were apprehended late on Thursday night, and the other two early yesterday morning. All four passed the bar of the City Police Court yesterday, and were afterwards judicially examined in the Sheriff Court Buildings. Their names and designations are-- Patrick Slaven, 38, a shoemaker, residing at 12 High Calton; Matthew Traill, 35, a painter, residing at 35 North Richmond Street; Peter Clarey, a cabinetmaker, residing at Little Jack's Close, Canongate; and John Williams, a stereotyper, residing at 11 Brown Street. The young man Cooper, who accompanied the deceased in the Queen's Park, and who was apprehended the following morning, was released from custody yesterday afternoon, by order of the Procurator-Fiscal, his innocence having been established satisfactorily. His story is that while walking along the Radical Road with the girl Cunningham, he was accosted by two men, one of whom professed to be a detective. This man took him in the direction of Holyrood, while the other conducted his companion in the opposite direction. Ridding himself eventually of the so-called detective by a gift of 2s, Cooper returned to look for Cunningham and the other man, but was unable to find either of them. The body of the deceased was interred yesterday afternoon in the cemetery at Easter Road. Several thousand people witnessed the removal of the body from the Central Police station, High Street.

Several additional arrests were made on suspicion by the police yesterday, but the parties concerned were soon liberated.

Glasgow (Scotland) Herald, September 26, 1885.