They Are the Best Protection Against Klondike Cold.

Frank Slavin, the ex-pugilist, made a winter trip out from the Klondike and has some interesting reminiscences of the great polar bear reserve. He thinks blankets very unsatisfactory as a protection against the cold when camping out. "As far as warmth goes," says Slavin, "blankets are about like mosquito netting. You can feel the cold air circulating through the pores, and at 50 below a man has to wear hat, gloves and moccasins to bed, and then is likely as not to freeze his nose under half a hundred pounds of the best wool that was ever put into a California blanket." Ten or fifteen pounds of lynx or rabbit skins made into a robe will afford much better protection, according to Slavin.

Racine (Wisconsin) Daily Journal, March 16, 1899.

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